About Us

We are a team that specializes in websites creation and web hosting. This website is created to give real and honest feedback about the various web hosting choices out in the market to see which ones will be the best suited for your hosting needs.

Our Objective

To review the Top Ten Web Hosting companies.


Do you know that there are many review websites out there that are unscrupulous?

These Web Hosting Companies actually paid these reviewers for them to give a good review.

So we decided to make our own review site on these various companies to give you the customer a honest and transparent review.

We are currently evaluating some of these web hosting companies and will be posting up our reviews once we have any substantial results.

As you know there are only few very good web hosting companies around on the market so it might actually be hard to get the top 10 but we will work towards that as our aim.

As a bonus, one of the team member is Taiwanese and he will write some of these reviews in Chinese.

Please feel free to leave a comment to let us know your thoughts! 🙂

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