Arvixe Review

arvixe hosting review


Picking a web hosting company is like putting your livelihood at stake. You are in need of a quality web hosting service that you can rely on and provide you with a true assurance since your projects, company schematics, financial information and even your personal information are in real palisade. When it comes to web hosting services, Arvixe is one of the best. Arvixe offers a wide variety of amazing UK web hosting packages according to what features you will be needing. Their web services web hosting plans is ideal to any form, whether that would be for individuals or even small businesses where they do not need their own servers in hosting their sites. With this Arvixe review, you will be able to be more familiar with the web hosting of Arvixe, get a better understanding of their featured services and most of all grab their cheapest web hosting plan.

Hosting Packages.

Arvixe offers web hosting services that are very compatible with Linux, Windows and Mac where you have the chance for more flexibility on your site’s foundation. Another, Arvixe gives you the personal class hosting which is the cheapest plan in which the customers have a cost effective option for hosting services. Here, there are two given options, the standard and pro which is offered for $4 or $7 per month and both also offer data transfers and limitless disc space plus a free domain name. Also, it features dedicated IPs and SSL certificates with additional cost for the enhanced features.

The personal class plan were created with Windows and .NET developers in which you will experience the best web hosting together with their most affordable prices.

Marketing tools.

In terms email marketing tools, Arvixe got the best services that will let you create ads in just a few minutes with their unlimited offers through Email via POP3 or IMAP and you may also enjoy sending email ads of your brand name because you have unlimited access to create an Email lists and groups. Another thing, they give you an app called OpenNewsLetter that allows you to send email newsletters. With this, you will have the easiest and fastest means in creating traffic on your sites.

Business sales.

In this Arvixe review, it is good to know that Arvixe personal class allows you to have a configuration with Windows. NET with limitless monthly data transfers. Also, by providing you domain names, your sites can create personalized emails for your campaigns where you can use it to grow your brand online. Therefore, you can have huge opportunities in generating sales.


  • In this Arvixe review, it shows that Arvixe is capable of offering website-building tools.
  • They give you unlimited, email, domains and monthly transfers.
  • They offer a wide range of features of the cheapest web plans.
  • They are flexible due to their compatibility with Linux, Windows and Mac.
  • They include a free domain name with no payment needed as long as you will stay as their loyal customer.


  • They give you inconsistent customer support.


Final Verdict

To end this Arvixe hosting review, Arvixe is still the top choice if you are looking for unlimited web hosting features and those features will give you the assurance that your money will not be wasted for they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. Plus, they give you affordable prices for personal class for as low as $5 per month and $8 per month for personal class pro. With this, it is ideal for you to try their services for you to experience the best web hosting there is.


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