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1&1 Review

1&1 is a trusted web hosting provider which combines cost effectiveness with strong functionality. The service provides competitively and reasonably priced web hosting packages which include unlimited bandwidth and web space.

The 1&1 exclusive package is rather than standard on saturated markets of domain hosting providers nevertheless, the service stands out among its rivals for notable support and security options that it delivers to customers. The low price does not hurt either.

1&1 Web Hosting Key Features  

The key features of 1&1 Web Hosting are:

  • Free daily backups
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Unlimited traffic , DBs and emails
  • Money back  guarantee
  • 99.9 uptime  guarantee
  • WordPress Integration

There are many great reasons to choose 1&1 and one of these is the fact that the company has successfully hosted more than 9 million sites worldwide.

Learn More about 1&1 Hosting

Their starter plan is perfectly suited for smaller websites. 1&1 provides unlimited disk space, domains. MySQL databases and email accounts with its basic hosting plan. This is actually one instance wherein you may choose a company depending on its site.

1&1 also offers web-based control panes giving individuals access to their site pages, publishing tools, image files and more. This has site builder that also allows individuals to easily create a professional-looking website. One of the most impressive features of 1&1 is the click and build applications. This trusted website hosting service provides 65 apps that range from full content management systems up to message boards and many more. The applications are easy ways to enhance and build sites with no extensive experience and even without solid web design experience.

1&1 Help and Support

When it comes to support and help, 1&1 hosting is by far the best when it comes to these aspects. Individuals can easily access and talk to their helpful and accommodating representatives and relay their questions and issues. Their representatives are helpful and friendly and can provide answers to every question. They can even give you troubleshooting answers and advice.

Moreover, 1&1 web hosting service has complete range of beneficial online resources that individuals can use as reference to build their site and access web hosting features. Also, the sites, in depth FAQs section is useful especially in terms of providing comprehensive details about the service, functionality and features

1&1 hosting is one of the few web hosting services which allows you to use each and every security feature. Half of these might cause extra however, you do not really need to upgrade to higher plans if not necessary. One of the biggest advantages of 1&1 hosting is that it offers free support, back up and security shell.

With the feature rich web hosting packages as well as excellent security, it is proven that 1&1 is an effective and reliable web hosting service. The company provides all the essentials in order to get your website up and running. Also, the unlimited offers are strong incentives to try out 1&1 hosting service. If you are looking for unlimited disk space and bandwidth at reasonable cost, 1&1 hosting is a highly considerable option.


1&1 offers affordable web hosting. They usually provide a cheap 12-month introductory offer and then increase the cost after a year, but it’s still affordable. 1&1 is among the biggest domain registrars and usually provides a free domain for one year once you purchase a hosting plan from them. They also offer daily server backups and a wide range of applications to install in their backend like Joomla and WordPress. 1&1 provides 24/7 phone support. A 1&1 subscription also allows you to access the 1&1 Website Builder, a tool that you can use to build your own site by dragging-and-dropping boxes, clicking icons, entering text, uploading images and choosing color schemes. Subscribing to WebsiteBuilder Plus, which costs $9.99 per month, will allow you to add a code of your own. You can insert YouTube video and HTML embeds. 1&1 also offers a lot of applications that you can use to enhance your site, including OpenTable and Amazon Deals.

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Host Your Own Website

host your own website

How to Host Your Own Website

The internet has become an integral part of human lives used for business as well as social purposes. Websites are the basic element of internet technology there are now millions of them owned and hosted across the world. Whatever your needs, you can host your own website. Below are fundamentals of hosting your own website.

Determine your Needs

To start with, you must consider some central needs and other factors which include your budget, the web hosting purpose, web platform and selection of the web hosting company. Considering and determining these factors is your first step toward hosting your own website. Your web hosting project must revolve around your needs. The goal is to meet your needs.

Determine your Budget

Assuming you’ll be designing your own website and web pages as well as creating your own web content; then, you’ll need funds to pay for the hosting of your web. If not, you have to recruit staff to help you with designing and managing your website; a website designer, content creators, and website managers.

Determine your Purpose and Scope

You must define your purpose for building your website. A private blog is of less scope than a company or business website, and will require much fewer resources to build and host. It is possible to host a primary private blog for free, but it is not feasible to host a multi-page, full-feature business website.

Create Web Content

Once the budget is set and you have a clear purpose for the website, you shall need to generate content or the actual web pages. Your website might be made up entirely of text web pages, or it could involve some multimedia files such as photos and videos. All the content must be packaged into a web package ready for hosting.

Decide on Ideal Platform

You then decide on a web hosting platform. There are numerous platforms offering different features such as free or priced themes. You should select a platform that offers customizable and aesthetic themes. Templates allow you to modify themes to suit your needs. You should also select a web hosting platform that is end-user friendly; with features that allow web visitors to enjoy the experience.

Choose a Web Hosting Company

Finally and most importantly, you need to select and engage a web hosting company such as Google Sites or Word press. You should conduct thorough research to verify the quality of services offered by different companies before you settle on them. You should conduct thorough research to verify the type and quality of services offered by different companies before you settle on any.

Your Website is Operational!

Once you have engaged the web hosting company, they shall allocate you a domain within their servers, and you shall load your content therein, which is then accessible remotely via the internet by visitors. You now have a running website! You need to manage your content by regularly adding, removing or updating your content.


The process of hosting your own website is mainly dependent on your web hosting purpose and your budget. Insist on meeting your web hosting needs as you implement your web hosting project. Make sure your web hosting endeavor fits within your budget but don’t be too eager to latch onto cheap options. Remember, cheap is almost always expensive!

Depending on your needs, remember it’s always about finding the RIGHT web host!